Sbarro Orbital hybrid (2009)

As a leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems, Delphi Corp.  is well positioned to help in the development of « Human Machine Interface » (HMI) devices between the driver and the vehicle that helps provide consumers information, convenience and protection. Within this area, Delphi is committed to simplifying the driver’s environment by implementing intuitive systems that help to address the critical issue of driver inattention. Delphi leverages its expertise in designing, engineering and integrating information displays into the car, to deliver products that touch and connect the driver to the vehicle. Engineers from Delphi’s technical centre in Illkirch, France, participated in the creation of famous car designer Franco Sbarro’s « Orbital Hybrid » concept car by developing two innovative products: a new Head-Up-Display which represents a technological breakthrough and Delphi Haptics, a haptic display characterized by a new 3D graphical and dynamic interface.